Visual Studio 2022 Features

We will see what will come with Visual Studio 2022, one of the IDEs mostly used by .Net developers and Microsoft’s official IDE, in the article.

What Features Came?

One of the main reasons behind the freezing and crashing problem, which I think all .NET developers often experience, was that Visual Studio was running as 32bit. With Visual Studio 2022, 64 bit support will be added and we will be able to continue our development quickly without being stuck with a memory limit of 4gb. When there were projects exceeding 4gb on the process we call devenv.exe, our Visual Studio could crash.

Attempts to open a solution containing 1,601 projects and almost 300,000 files have been successfully attempted.

Design Changes

  • The design refresh of the stream was noted as subtle cosmetic touches that streamline the UI and reduce the crowd.
  • Updated icons for better clarity, readability and contrast.
  • Revamped and improved themes.
  • You will be able to use the Accessibility Insights tool, where you can see the issues related to accessibility issues before delivering the projects to the end user.

Developing Modern Applications

Visual Studio 2022 will make it fast and easy to build modern, cloud-based applications with Azure. You will also have the necessary development environment ready so you can start coding and debugging right away.


With Visual Studio 2022, there will be full support for .NET 6. .NET MAUI, which was developed for your developments to give native results specific to the platform, will be used. With .NET MAUI, special output for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS operating systems will be available as a cross-platform. You will be able to create desktop applications via .NET MAUI using ASP.NET blazor web technology.

It came with the Hot Reload ? feature, which is one of my favorite features and we’ve been waiting for years. It offered the Hot Reload feature to work on many web, desktop and mobile project types.


Visual Studio 2022 will deliver new features, tools, and IntelliSense enhancements for C++ developers.

Real-Time Collaboration – Pair Programming

We got this nice feature where you can exchange information such as pairing with your friend or colleagues, exchanging ideas and solving problems jointly. It is a special beauty that this feature, which we have recently experienced through Visual Studio Code and which we like very much, is also included in visual studio ide.

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