How to Download and Install UNITY 3D

  • First of all, we click on this link and enter Unity site of Unity manufacturer.
  • You can choose a membership based on your project. We will choose “Staff – FREE” ie free subscription for us to develop a new project with Unity. If you wish to improve your progeny, you can also upgrade to other paid versions later.

  • From the page that opens, accept terms and “Download Installer for Windows” click to button.
  • After the installation process is finished, we run the downloaded installation interface program. For security reasons, Administrator permission may be required. Click “Yes” and run the setup wizard.
  • The installation assistant is working. We press the “Next” button.
  • We approve the license agreement by clicking on “I accept the terms of the License Agreement”. We click on the “Next” button and confirm.
  • Depending on the components you selected, the connection to Unity Server is established and downloading is initiated.

  • After the download and installation process is finished, we finish the installation by pressing the “Finish” button.

  • After working with Unity, we need to open a membership. You can then start using Unity after completing the license agreement and survey.

  • If you do not have a pro license here, please continue as a personal

  • Pop-Up window fill in the required places by yourself.
  • Installation completed successfully.


Thank you for reading the article 🙂

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