When Robots Dream

Sleep is a process that is initiated in the brain by its basic mechanism and is necessary for the correct functioning of the brain and it is provides keep our brains healthy and ensure the correct classification of memories, and the storage of the learned information for long-term use.

(In the special parts of the night sleep, called REM sleep, an amazingly active process takes place in our brains.Brain waves recorded from people in these moments indicate that the brain is in an active state as well as when the brain is almost awake in the daytime.According to our knowledge today, these REM periods are the time intervals when our brains work sorting, cleaning and saving “the information they receive throughout the day.)

Dreams are also useful as mentally curative, useful for the regulation of memory.
Briefly sleep allows our body to be renewed and ensures the smooth functioning of our nervous system.so we can say our brain can not do sleepless.

Well,If an artificial intelligence,like us sleep regularly and dreamed , could this formula work also for them? answer is yeees

The researchers, who wanted to test this functioning on neural networks, regularly programmed artificial intelligence to sleep. And the capacity of artificial intelligence that mimics the sleep stages in humans increased through sleep.His performance improved when he got rid of unnecessary data he had lost while sleeping.but of course he does not sleep like us, in short, waking his brain was passed to rest phase.

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