Mars Bees (Mars Exploration Robots)

First Visit to Mars

Five years before going to the moon, in 1964, the red planet was first visited by a spacecraft (Mariner 4) by NASA with a close transition.Until now, Russia, USA, Europe and India sent the spacecraft to Mars, and before we got there we got great information about the red planet.But because of Mars surface the exploration robots are moving very slowly and the data transfer is slow.

“Mariner 4 ” Launch Date:November 28, 1964   

At These years, in 2030, NASA, which plans human flights to Mars ,started a project costing $ 125,000 to speed up their work on Mars.

Mars Bees Project; By researchers working at alabama university and japan team,they work on developing a robot bee fleet that will be managed with artificial intelligence in the size of a bees.Initially they will landing  on surface with an exploration robot and then mars bees will fly .Then,this exploration robot will serve as command and charge center for them (like beehive).

And also,the data transmission of the mars bees will be wireless in this way,they will not need to land at mars surface for data transfer.

Well,what is the mission of these robots ?

Mars bees, which will be produced in a manner resistant to the conditions of the mars atmosphere.Mars bees,will collect mineral and gas samples from MARS,will search for signs of vitality and will do the topographic map of the red planet.For the human mars expedition, the important findings will be transmitted more quickly.

  • This project has high applicability due to the gravity of the Mars.Mars has 62% less gravity than the earth.
  • Also, another good thing is that the presence of multiple discovery networks will increase the accuracy of the data.

Hope this project for the Mars expedition is successful 🙃

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