ReactJS Integration for ASP.NET MVC

Today I will talk about how ReactJS is integrated into mvc

ReactJS Integration

  • First, start the mvc project(if you do not know how to start the project follow this post)
  • Open the Manage NuGet Package for Solution

  • Click on the search. Enter and click on the word to be translated as follows

Create Controller and View

  • After completing the steps up to this point, create your controller and viewers


  • You can right click and add direct function while adding view

  • I’m assuming your Controller is HomeController
  • File : Views/Home/Index.cshtml

  • Now, we need to create the JavaScript file “react.jsx”. Right click on your project and select Add >> New Folder, enter  scripts as folder name.
  • Right click on Folder and select Add >> New Item.
  • Select Web >> JSX File, and enter react.jsx as file name. Then, click  add.
  • React is all about modular, composable components, and basically it has a component structure.
  • Now, we will build CommentBox Component , which is just a simple <div>.
  • Add the below code to react.jsx.

  • File : scripts/react.jsx

  • Run your application.

You can see “Hello, world!  in your browser. 🙂


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