How to Setup your First app with React Native and Expo in Linux & Windows

In this article,we will see how to install react native with expo.

For Linux:

1. Verify the installation of npm and node.

if nodejs is not installed:

If the package in the repositories suits your needs, this is all you need to do to get set up with Node.js. In most cases, you’ll also want to also install npm, which is the Node.js package manager. You can do this by typing:

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2. Install the React Native CLI.

You may install this using the following command :

3. Install the Expo

Create your first project

You will be asked to create an Expo account before proceeding.

For Windows:

1. Firstly,setup the NodeJS

2. Install the React Native CLI.

3. Install the Expo

You may install this using the following command :


You can read the barcode by selecting the tunnel option from the tab below.

If you do not have an expo application for android and ios, you can download the application from the market as an expo.

If you have an expo account, an option like on the screen will appear.

Scan QR Code:

if you have question do not forget to write from the chat button next to it or from the comment

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