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MongoDB Installation

In this article, I will tell you how to install mongoDB on linux and windows machines.To install MongoDB, the operating system architecture must be 64-bit.


Repl Node.js

REPL (Read Eval Print Loop) is a structure that allows command interpreters in operating systems to write, read and compile commands line by line.


Install Pgadmin4 on Ubuntu/Linux

Today I tell yo how to install pgadmin4 on ubuntu/linux Firstly, Using Python2.x Using Python3.6 (Preferred to avoid encoding related issues) Configure write this in the generated file Run Access Access at http://localhost:5050 if you...


Deploying PyQt5 in Python Applications

If your computer is not python installed, you must install it. You can install via link. PyQt5 Installation Finally we get to install the PyQt5 module. PyQt5 Docs PyQt5 Download Start by downloading the...


Xamarin Installation

I’ve written my Xamarines before. Windows users can use Xamarini over Visual Studio and Mac users over Visual Studio for Mac. Windows users can download it here. If you want to use it for...