How to use MongoDB with Node.js

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Module installation

The mongodb module is used for using MongoDB with Node.js.

The module is downloaded using the following commands.

The module is included in the project.

The module has various objects, methods and properties for MongoDB operations.

MongoDB Connection

For MongoDB connection, MongoClient object in the module connect method is used.

The module allows various connection options for MongoDB connection.

Database Connection

For the MongoDB database connection, the feedback function of the connect method is used.

Returns the object with the methods to be used in MongoDB operations as the connection return value.

Creating a collection

The createCollection method is used to create a collection.

NOTE: To create a collection, just add data.

Adding data

The insertOne or insertMany method is used to add data.

The insertMany method is used to add multiple data.

NOTE: The feedback function is used to get information about the process result.


The find or findOne method is used to query and retrieve data.

The received data is accessed by the dot (.) Operator.

The find method is used to pull multiple data.

The method takes the query and query settings as objects.

The sort method is used to sort the received data.

Limit and skip method is used to retrieve certain data as a result of the query.

Data update

The updateOne or updateMany method is used to update the data.

The method will query and retrieve the new value of the data.

The keyword $set is used to update data.

When the keyword is not used, the new content of the matching data will be the new value.

The updateMany method is used to update multiple data.

Deleting Data

The deleteOne or deleteMany method is used to delete data.

The deleteMany method is used to delete multiple data.

Deleting a collection

The dropCollection method is used to delete a collection.

The drop method can also be used to delete a collection.

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