How to Install Node.js in Linux/Ubuntu

Click on the relevant link and go to the download page, then click on the “Source-Code” link “node-v10.16.0.tar.gz” and download.

Before starting the installation, g ++ and git-core must be installed. If you have not just installed Linux, these applications are probably installed. However, if you have just installed Linux, these applications may be missing. To check this, let’s open Terminal and write the following line

If you encounter an output like the above, then the applications are installed. If it was not installed, you would be asked to install the application. If it is not installed, you can install the missing applications by entering the following commands.

You should extract the compressed file to a directory by running tar -xvzf node-v10.*.*.tar.gz and entering the directory you’re downloading with the extension * .tar.gz.

Navigate to the directory where you extracted the file

With the above command, we prepare the necessary file during compilation.

Let’s start compiling by typing the following command. This may take approximately 5-10 minutes. When finished, you will see a screen like this:

Installation is complete. Finally, to test if the installation is working properly

After the above process line is completed, we run the command line below and complete the installation.

Installation complete.

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