What is Kotlin ?

Hi all, in this article, I’m going to tell you about the Kotlin language which is the favorite of Android.

  • In 2010, Kotlin was introduced by JetBrains.


  • Kotlin was announced at JVM Language Summit on July 19, 2011.


  • Kotlin is a static programming language.


  • Kotlin is an open source project developed under the Apache 2.0 license and is open to support and assistance.


  • The source code of the project is public. You can make improvements to support the project. To review and support the project, visit Github: https://github.com/jetbrains/kotlin


  • The first development of Kotlin was done by the developers of JetBrains, a company based in Russia.


  • The name of Kotlin comes from Kotlin Island in Russia.

Why is Kotlin Enhanced?

Like many developers, I think you’ve asked yourself this question over and over again. Why is this language needed when Java is available? What was needed? Have you been writing with Java for many years? The JetBrains firm as a response to questions raised by many developers; . We have developed this language to provide more concise code than Java without sacrificing performance and security eda. The main goal of Kotlin is to reduce lines of code and write more secure code. The comments are unfounded, as Kotlin ends or finishes Javayi. Andrey Breslav, one of the developers of Kotlin, said Kotlin was an object-oriented language and was designed as a ’better language bir from Java. However, because they still work with the Java code completely, companies are making a gradual transition from Java to Kotlin.

Get to Know Kotlin Programming Language

  • Kotlin is a free, open source code programming language developed under Apache 2.0 license. You can support the Kotlin language and contribute to the development of Kotlin.


  • Kotlin is an object oriented object. Java is an object-oriented programming language such as C # and C ++.


  • Perl and Unix / Linux support adding to the shell script style string.


  • Kotlin is shorter and more unique than Java. The most important feature that attracts programmers and attracts them is that they are simple and original.


  • Kotlin works 100% compatible with Java and Android. With Java, Kotlin can be thought of as half of an apple.


  • Kotlin is a safer language than Java. So what does this security mean? Since 1965, it has been used with object-based programs and with the help of Kotlin, the null data which caused billion-dollar damages has been prevented from being dealt with more safely and damaging the system. You should make a special effort to get Kotlin de Null error 🙂


  • Supports development of server and client-based web applications


  • Kotlin and Java work together. You can use Kotlin in Javan and Kotlin in Kotlin. You can easily translate the Java code you have written in Android Studio to the Kotlin language.


  • The most important factor that puts the Kotlin language forward is that Google’s Android Developer division supports this language and supports Android applications.

Supported by Kotlin

With Kotlin programming language, you can develop various applications in 4 main platforms or areas. The following are the areas of improvement in the articles listed.

JVM: Server-side Applications

Android Download in Android Apps

Browser: JavaScript-based Web Applications

Native: MacOS, iOS and Embedded Systems Applications. (It is under development.)

Kotlin Vs Java

We can examine this comparison under three main headings. Some of the shortcomings of Kotlin in Java, Kotlin, which is not in Java, not in Java and Kotlin also can be divided into features.

a) Kotlin’in some of the shortcomings in Java:

  • Control of null references,
  • No raw data type,
  • Not changing arrays
  • There are the right types of function.
  • He doesn’t check the exceptions.

b) Non-Java features in Kotlin:

  • Null-safety
  • Smart casts
  • String templates,
  • Properties,
  • Primary constructors,
  • Range,
  • Operator overloading
  • Data Classes

c) Features not available in Java or Kotlin

  • Exception Control
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Static Members
  • Joker Looks
  • Ternary Operator

Examples of Kotlin

Kotlin language, and what platforms can be done after learning what they can be done in order to make examples about Kotlin series can be passed to our samples without losing time 🙂

We start with the example of a Hello World “which we have printed on the screen while learning any programming language. As in Java, we have a main method. In this method, we print a message with the println command. I’m guessing this language, which is not sensitive to punctuation, so if you don’t put a sign, you’ll love it as you use it and you’ll fall in love 🙂 The method of Main method is an Array type object named args.

In the example in Android, Android has a code structure that is simpler and more legible than Java. Clicking fab on the onCreate method in the MainActivity class creates an event and the setOnClickListener method is used to listen to this event. User is showing a toast message on each click on the screen. Toast is a message created to display short-term messages to the user on the screen.

If you want to develop Javascript applications with Kotlin, you can find more information at the link below:



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