Unit Test Writing with QUnit and JS Files


https://qunitjs.com/  Download your CSS and JS files for QUnit from your site or give the following href paths.

Js Unit Testing

  • File:HTML

Later, after referencing these 2 files

  • js files you will test
  • add the js files that contain your test codes to the system.

Asserting Results

QUnit.module: We have defined the name of the module.

QUnit.test: Function to test

assert.ok (truthval, message): if the argument passes to the function correctly, the result is successful, otherwise it fails. Again, we can print the message on the test result screen.

  • The assert.ok function will give an error for every incorrect value

assert.equal (actual, expected, message): yields the test result of both real and expected values

assert.deepEqual(actual, expected, message): used as same as equal ().

  • The expression response enter to false


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