What is VPN ? What are the uses of ?

VPN means virtual private network.It allows us to connect to the internet through another IP address and remain anonymous on the internet.

Intended Use:

1) Access to the business network

VPN uses different protocols and technologies together.Cryptology creates a secure communication tunnel between two computers.That’s why for security reasons, you will be asked to link to the addresses the company has given you.

For example, you have a company based in Norway also your company has an office in France.All company servers in Norway and you want employees in the office in France to connect via Norwegian servers.So you can create a virtual private network for your own company.

And thus, employees in France are not connected to France internet, they are connected to the local network of their company as if they were in Norway.

2)To download files

As internet users, one of the most common actions we do is to download files but some download addresses are blocked in many countries.This is due to illegal file downloads.Using VPN, you can access download file and torrent addresses and you can downloads.

However, since the server you connect to will be from different countries, you are likely to experience a PING problem.Although it can slow down your speed while downloading files, it is better for your security to use VPN.

3) Access to blocked sites

Access to certain sites may be blocked by governments for various reasons.VPN overcomes existing barriers by showing your IP address from abroad and allows you to log into sites unhindered.The VPN that encrypts the data you send allows you to browse the Internet without restrictions and bans.

4) Privacy and security

Wikileaks and many other scandals in the world show us, US and many other countries have established special monitoring structures for intelligence services emerged.At this point, some internet users have started to use VPN because of the privacy violation and fear of being followed.

VPN encrypts all data you send and receive when connecting to any network, and ensures that your identity and address cannot be found.It does not allow third parties to see what you are doing, so it makes your connection secure.

With these programs, malicious people will not be able to easily access your information.

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