Are VPNs Safe To Use?

Although the purpose of VPN is to provide security and privacy, unfortunately in today’s technology age, security and privacy issues have emerged among many VPN types.


Let’s talk about free VPN services first.

If the VPN service you use is completely free, we should ask this question: Where does this service earn money?

Many VPN providers published under the name of free are recording your internet traffic and using this information for commercial or some intelligence service purposes.

For example Hola, as a VPN service, company case on this matter is still continue. Hola is accused of selling users’ bandwidth to different users.There is also a claim that service created Botnet.

(On the other hand, you can see that VPN providers that offer free or limited services are restricting your bandwidth. When you use a free VPN while you have a internet speed of 50 Mbit, your internet speed may drop to 3-5 Mbit.)

So, if something is given to you for free, there is definitely something they get from you.

2)Remain Anonymous

Although the VPN service promises not to record and share its roaming,there is no way you can know if this is real.

Worse part is sometimes that IP and DNS leaks can occur during VPN use.This can make your computer become an open target on the internet.


We should don’t forget, country the VPN server you are connected to is governed by the laws of that country, they are operated in accordance with the laws of that country.

Maybe, it does not pose any danger for VPNs to access your credentials but even so an irritating subject.

4) Data Mining

From the moment you connect to a VPN server, you now allow that server to manage your internet connection on your behalf.

Because communication is encrypted until the server and there is no security measures after the server.They can manage your internet connection as they wish or can direct you.

  • They can change users DNS requests and the users can be directed to a different site than the website they wants to access.For example, passwords and credit card information can be stolen by directing the user to the fake of the bank site to be accessed.
  • If logging in to personal accounts while using a VPN, user name and password information can be stolen.For example : Email password can be stolen if login to the email account while using a VPN and with this information, fake emails can be sent on behalf of the user.
  • Malware such as trojans, viruses can be installed on computers or you may be exposed to “man in the middle” attacks.

As a result : VPN, with the development of internet technology and the need for security, it became a more important requirement each passing day. It has also become an application followed by hackers, governments and intelligence agencies.At this point, it will be the best method for companies to use reliable solutions such as VPN solutions for Berqnet and for people to provide internet connection via your own VPN server such as OpenVPN.

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