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Xamarin Installation

I’ve written my Xamarines before. Windows users can use Xamarini over Visual Studio and Mac users over Visual Studio for Mac. Windows users can download it here. If you want to use it for...


C# Async Task Await

The task namespace provides classes that simplify our writing of parallel and asynchronous codes. Parallel If you want to run more than one function at the same time you can do parallel programming by...


Music Player Making with C#

In this lesson, I will tell you how to make a simple music player which can play files like mp3, wav, wmv, avi by using Windows Media Player which is the Windows music player...


Md5 Encryption with C#

In this article, after briefly mentioning MD5 algorithm, I will prepare a md5 encryption application with C #. Md5 is not actually an encryption algorithm. The purpose of the design is to extract the...


File and Folder Operations with C #

  In this article, we will examine in detail the use of libraries, classes and methods for performing file and folder operations in C #. The System.IO library is used to perform all input...


C# Date Time Methods

In C # language, date and time operations are done using the DateTime class. For example;


C# Progress Bar Example

In this article I will tell you about the use of C # ProgressBar. The Progressbar can take a value of 0 as Minimum and 100 as Maximum. A value other than these values...


C# File Read Write Example

In this article, I will describe the process of reading and writing text files. To perform these operations, we first add the projected System.IO library.