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RFID Card Access System with NodeMCU

How to connect rfid to nodemcu? i’ll answer that question.First of all we need the following materials: 1 piece NodeMCU DevKit 1 piece RC522 RFID Reader Module 1 piece red , 1 piece green...


Arduino Joystick Module Example

Today we will fire the LEDs in a fun way, using the arduino joystick.   Joystick Connection The joystick module has 5 pins for connection. From these pins, VRx signals on the horizontal axis,...


Install the Arduino Software (IDE)

To download the Arduino software go to the “Downloads” tab at After clicking on the Downloads tab, the screen will appear where we will download the file based on our antivirus operating system....


Blinking LED with Arduino

What is LED? An LED is an abbreviation of the initials of the word Light Emitting Diode, which means light emitting diode. Unlike small bulbs that work with 6V, which we are familiar with...


Arduino Number estimation with TensorFlow

First of all, hello our project goal is to get the number of users from the Python libraries using the TensorFlow library and get this estimate for the automatic program itself,