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Android WebView example Tutorial

WebView allows you to open an own windows for viewing URL or custom html markup page. Perform a simple unpacking of First of all in Activity we drag and drop a webView from...


How to use ImageView in Android

With ImageView, we display image sources in the application. (.png .jpeg), we also use the ImageView android component to display the image files in the application.


Android FrameLayout example

With FrameLayout, we can ensure that the android components overlap. For example, if you have a pic, we want you to write a name on it or write a score, then it would be...


Android RelativeLayout example

What is the RelativeLayout While Linear Layout has positioning horizontally and vertically, there is no such template available in this layout. Relative Layout We can position the android components we’ve added into the top...


Android LinearLayout example

LinearLayout – Horizontal The main purpose of using LinearLayout is to position the android components horizontally; the second is to position the android


How to Show Alert Dialog in Android

Android Layout Files We use the Alert Dialog to display alert messages.The AlertDialog is a small window that opens and warns us about objects and makes selections based on our selection.


Using lists in Android with ListView

  How to create the most accurate and optimally-structured listview that contains multiple items in the current position and changes dynamically. We can list a set of elements or a list of the database...


Using Toast in Android

Toast is undoubtedly one of the most used components while developing applications on Android. With Toast, a desired text or a prepared View will appear on the screen for a certain period of time...