Md5 Encryption with C#

In this article, after briefly mentioning MD5 algorithm, I will prepare a md5 encryption application with C #. Md5 is not actually an encryption algorithm. The purpose of the design is to extract the hash – fingerprint of files and data. So if you want to either encrypt a single word or a 5gb data with md5, then a 128-bit long value is generated.

The Md5 algorithm is a one-way encryption technique. In other words, it is not possible to reach the initial state of the data by decrypting the encrypted data.

Where to Use MD5 Encryption?

  • A CD / DVD image that you download from the Internet is usually given an Md5 hash value. In this way, it can be checked whether the file is running smoothly or not.
  • The two data are comparable without looking at the contents of the data.
  • The database can be stored by encrypting password fields.
  • The location of the data can be determined by various mathematical calculations in large databases.

The only way to find passwords currently stored by MD5 encryption is brute force attacks. Small data such as passwords can be easily found with this method.

Encrypting Data with C# Algorithm Using C#

To use encryption algorithms first, be sure to add the following namespace to your project.

Let’s create the Md5Coding method, which takes the text to be encrypted as a parameter, as follows. I’ve included the necessary descriptions in the code.

This is the code that makes Md5 encryption with C #. We did our work by using the ready classes in C # without any algorithm or calculation. If you want, you can make an experiment by calling the method we created above from Main method.

For more information about Md5 encryption, please visit the site  MSDN page.


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