Arduino Number estimation with TensorFlow

First of all, hello our project goal is to get the number of users from the Python libraries using the TensorFlow library and get this estimate for the automatic program itself, and we communicated this arduino to the python serial library and wrote the number on a 16×2 LCD screen. The code in the clipboard project file contains description lines. All the files I give must be kept side by side in a single folder. If you want to learn about the TensorFlow library, you can read and run the file with extension + TensorFlow.ipynb in the jypter application, and at the same time explain what the project did in detail line by line. If you want to edit the picture file, you can change the guess number data entered by editing the paintte.

Arduino Code:

Python Code:

  • you can access the codes in the above address

we need to download the picture from here so we can run it

Image download for right-click and save image as

It’s the program program that works more.

You can browse for github address for details:

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