Android Studio Setup and Opening a New Project

What is  Android Studio?

Android Studio is an Intellij-based IDE developed by Google for Android application development. Most likely we all started using Eclipse when we started developing Android. We can continue to develop with Eclipse, but Android Studio offers a lot more possibilities for friends who want to develop android. We also develop android studio recommend

How to install Android Studio Setup (IDE)

First, you need to install java on your computer in order to develop Android.For this, go to click and download the latest version of java.

I download x64 for my pc version is 64 bit.

After opening the JDK, we are going to setup the next screen by saying “next”. After the installation is finished, we need to define the path.

For pc definition path:

First , right click on the computer

Opened windows , click on the “Advanced System Setting”

Click on the “Environment variables” later.

Click on Environment Variables, find PATH in the System Variables field and click it.

In the Edit window, change the PATH variable by adding the class location to the PATH value. If the PATH variable is not found, add PATH as the name and class location information as the value (eg C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.8.0_25 \ bin) by choosing to add a new variable

Yes Once you’ve done Path definition, we can now go to Android Studio and SDK setup.

Click to download Android Studio (IDE)

We perform installation as standard next-> next-> next.

Keep selected in this step.


Feel free to read the License Agreement if you wish, click on ‘I Agree’.

choose a name for the start menu folder for Android Studio and click Install.

Once the installation is complete, Android Studio will prompt you to select from below two options, select the appropriate option. For new installation, you would select the second option. Click Ok.

When starting for the first time, Android Studio will present the below Welcome screen to help setup the development environment. Click ‘Next’ on the below screen.

Choose the type of setup and click next

That completes our Android Studio installation.

Opening a New Android Project

Start a new Android Studio Project.

You enter the project name and continue

Continue with selected ones

Select this step by yourself. I selected empty.

Name can be default.Cick on the Finish.

Started project successfully 🙂

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