Android Signalr Chat with C# and Web API

We made the .net Client in our previous posts. Now let’s do the android Client.

Follow these steps for this.

Installing Jar Files

Download for add jar file

Jar Files:

Add these files to the directory as follows.Project -> app -> libs

Later add the following lines to the gradle file

Create a Layout

  • File:res/layout/activity_main.xml

Let’s Start Coding

First, do the signalR definitions

I’ve written explanatory lines in the code.

UserModel :

I will talk about some things that will help you:


Setup for conveyor cloud :

I have cooked for server url ,you need to install a small local server.I have done the local server setup. I can share the article called how to install the local server at home in the future.

If you want to find out what APIs the above methods come up with, follow the article below.


Download Source Code

if you have question do not forget to write from the chat button next to it or from the comment

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