Greetings , my name is Taha Sıvacı.I am software developer.I live in Ankara / Turkey.

Since 05.11.2017 I have been developing software in the business field.I have made developed in many areas such as Android, IOS, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Unity 3D, Arduino, Node JS, Asp .Net MVC, .Net Core, .Net Web Api and Python.But my development process was predominantly on both front-end and back-end on asp.net mvc, android and Javascript (jQuery).The current languages I have used in recent years are on java ,c#, python and node.js.In this site, I’m trying to tell you all the technologies I use.

Business Life and Experiences

I started software development in a company under the private company, which I started at the beginning of November, right after graduating in October 2017.In general, development processes were Geographic Information System(GIS) sided.

When I first started the company, I developed an asp.net mvc and android sided field management application for erzincan municipality within the scope of Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).Later on, I took part in the development process within the scope of the project in state-owned areas such as ministries and land forces command.In addition to this, I am developing myself on software engineering principles and writing better quality code structure and projects.

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Health at your finger 🙂