Greetings , my name is Taha Sıvacı.I am a expert software developer.I live in Ankara / Turkey.

Since 05.11.2017 I have been developing software in the business field.I have made developed in many areas such as, .Net MVC/Core, Java, JavaScript(React&Native, jQuery, Node), GIS (Mapbox,MapKit,Google Maps) ,Unity and Arduino .In this site, I’m trying to tell you all the technologies I use.

Business Life and Experiences

I am currently working in bank applications as a expert software developer at Garanti Teknoloji.

Previously, I worked as a software developer at netas and mapcodex companies. I developed both mobile and web applications in many technologies such as .Net MVC / Core, Node JS, React / Native and Java for many institutions such as the land forces command, the general command of maps and the ministry of environment.

My Brief History

I was born in 1995 in Ankara.I studied Computer Engineering in 2013. I’ve been interested in computers since I was little. I’m a fishing enthusiast. Playing the guitar solo, reading history and writing code is my biggest fun.

You can reach me from the accounts below:

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Health at your finger 🙂