Monthly Archive: June 2018


C# File Read Write Example

In this article, I will describe the process of reading and writing text files. To perform these operations, we first add the projected System.IO library.


Android Google Maps API Usage

I will use the Google Maps API, which is common in Android applications. You can do many things on the maps you have added to your applications. It is necessary to use the Maps...


Android File Read Write Example

In Android File Read Write , we use the File class to communicate with files and folders on the disk. The File class is used to identify a file or folder in the specified...


Mars Bees (Mars Exploration Robots)

First Visit to Mars Five years before going to the moon, in 1964, the red planet was first visited by a spacecraft (Mariner 4) by NASA with a close transition.Until now, Russia, USA, Europe...


Asp.Net MVC SignalR Tutorial

What is the SignalR It is a library that provides Server-Client communication during asynchronous operations in Web applications.The simplest example of this is the chat system. Apart from this, live match results are a...


Arduino Joystick Module Example

Today we will fire the LEDs in a fun way, using the arduino joystick.   Joystick Connection The joystick module has 5 pins for connection. From these pins, VRx signals on the horizontal axis,...