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Are VPNs Safe To Use?

Although the purpose of VPN is to provide security and privacy, unfortunately in today’s technology age, security and privacy issues have emerged among many VPN types.


RFID Card Access System with NodeMCU

How to connect rfid to nodemcu? i’ll answer that question.First of all we need the following materials: 1 piece NodeMCU DevKit 1 piece RC522 RFID Reader Module 1 piece red , 1 piece green...


When Robots Dream

Sleep is a process that is initiated in the brain by its basic mechanism and is necessary for the correct functioning of the brain and it is provides keep our brains healthy and ensure...


Using ejs with Node.js and Express

Hello , in this article i’ll show you how to add js code into html using ejs with Node.js express framework. See express doc for more. Ejs is an html template.Html into easy js...