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What is NFT, How is it done?

One of the topics that everyone has been wondering about lately is the concept of NFT. NFTs, which are expressed as Non Fungible Tokens or their Turkish equivalents as Immutable Tokens, cannot be exchanged...


Visual Studio 2022 Features

We will see what will come with Visual Studio 2022, one of the IDEs mostly used by .Net developers and Microsoft’s official IDE, in the article. What Features Came? One of the main reasons...


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain system is not dependent on any center or person. Blockchain system is made by devices that have adapted to this system. Transactions are made by these anonymous devices and are completely closed to...


Are VPNs Safe To Use?

Although the purpose of VPN is to provide security and privacy, unfortunately in today’s technology age, security and privacy issues have emerged among many VPN types.


RFID Card Access System with NodeMCU

How to connect rfid to nodemcu? i’ll answer that question.First of all we need the following materials: 1 piece NodeMCU DevKit 1 piece RC522 RFID Reader Module 1 piece red , 1 piece green...